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Feeling frustrated with your current health plan?

Did you start your program thinking you were so ready you *just couldn’t even* and now you’re floundering in a sea of confusion?
Did it seem doable in the beginning, but now you recognize it just doesn’t fit into your crazy busy lifestyle?
Or maybe you’re someone who’s brand new to the health and fitness world and have no idea where to start? You’ve got a killer goal, yet you don’t know how to get from point A to point B.

Hi and Welcome to LYF!

If you’ve cruised our Facebook page or hit up our IG, you’ll know LYF is a leader in all things Women’s Health and our passion is all about Balance.

We’ve helped thousands of women who are just like you:

  • Women who want to slim down but don’t know where to start (Shakes, pills and extremism just aren’t your jam)
  • Women who think it costs hundreds of dollars every month in trainers and gym memberships to see long lasting results (spoiler alert: nope nopity nooo!)
  • Women who are seeing results but its painfully slooowwwwwww and they want to learn actual skills to up the fat loss anty (how is it even possible to gain weight sniffing a cupcake?! Don’t worry, we go over that)
  • Women who see wellness as a huge aspect to their overall wellbeing but don’t know how implement it to be effective (is meditating even meditating if your brain is thinking about how flamingos are funny looking?)
  • Women who have zero clue how to achieve balance in an uber demanding lifestyle (seriously contemplating cutting of a limb to lose weight because that seems more manageable right now #mylife.)
  • Women who need to get #balanced (ready to get off the diet train and focus on healthy, sustainable habits)

We aren’t your typical, off the street “gurus”

Our roster includes seasoned Experts who know the exact recipe to help you put a big ol’ check mark next to those goals you have, all while achieving ultimate balance and wellness. We are real Balance Focused Girls livin’ real life, who were once just like you. We’ve been where you are and know the challenges you face and have come out on the other side #balanced. Plus, we know EXACTLY how frustrating it can be when your program isn’t living up to your expectations.

We’re here to share all the insider tricks –

Things we’ve personally used numerous times to create a successful foundation for our own health and wellness. While no two women are alike and we each have our own set of challenges; the Balanced Bundle works for every woman and lifestyle, no matter how much (or how little!) time, money and resources you have access to. We teach you everything you need to know so you can rinse and repeat.
While we are pros in our individual fields, our goal is to educate while having a pile of fun along the way. Programs don’t have to be stuffy to be legendary and we pride ourselves on a bitchin’ weekly bundle that has saved thousands of women from a less than awesome life and that can help you reach Ultimate Balance!

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