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Love Yourself Fit was born from my personal journey. Years of unhealthy obsessions with food, dieting, and poorly executed exercise left me feeling more and more frustrated, overwhelmed, and hopeless. In 2011 my body was at an all time low. I was 50 pounds overweight with undiagnosed adrenal fatigue and PCOS and none of the several health care practitioners knew what was wrong with me.​​

I began studying Women’s Hormone and Metabolic Health and the key to sustainable weight loss and finally found the perfect balance between health, fitness and lifestyle.

Far beyond that, I found a new appreciation for my body and self acceptance. My journey changed… it became less about weight loss and more about learning who I was and what my body truly needed. I found a place of self love and because of this journey I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. And that, my friends, is the goal!

My vision is to provide you a place of support and connection to reach your goals and get you loving yourself. I believe in lifting each other up. After all, who understands a women’s journey better than another woman? This isn’t something you have to do alone – lets go through the ups and downs, insides and outsides together. Join the LYF sisterhood and start your journey to well being.

Love Yourself Fit has helped hundreds of women all over Canada find balance and learn how to have a positive relationship with themselves. This is not a diet – LYF Plans are different from all the rest. I provide you with the support, knowledge and tools to Love your Body, Love your Mind and Love Yourself.

Amy – Women’s Health Expert and Creator of the Be the Best You Series


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