We’re Different

In a good way! We’re confident you haven’t seen anything like the Balanced Bundle before – which is why we are now sharing this kickass program with all of You!​​

The world is changing. Women want to achieve more than ever before and finding Balance – real, deep and meaningful balance – is becoming the key to achieving Wellness like you’ve always wanted.

The Key to Success

At LYF we know success stems from support and accountability and we deliver it in a Major way!

Everyday you’ll have access to US to make your journey fun, educational and as easy-peasy as possible. We want to connect with members on a deeper level, which is why the BB is chalk full of mentoring, group workshops, live events and everything in between.

Our Experts are straight up bananas. These girls are the real deal and are the difference between a mediocre plan and one that will blow you out of the water while delivering amazing results.

Knowledgeable, Encouraging and Compassionate they deliver so much more than just the Balanced Bundle. Have a peak at our Rock Star Team. You’ll agree its staaaaacked.

Amy – LYF Founder and The BB Creator

A star entrepreneur who’s passionate about Women’s Health, Amy founded LYF from a teeny tiny dream to help women achieve more than they ever thought possible. Amy’s innovative approach to Wellness morphed into the Balanced Bundle after struggling for years with PCOS. After too many Doctor’s Appointments to count, She decided to take her health in her own hands and thus LYF was born. Amy is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with a focus on Hormone and Metabolism Health.

Amy lives for #tacotuesday and her Bernese Mountain Dog Tucker and you’ll often catch her belting out tunes – ahem – car karaoke, hiking Beautiful BC or catching up on Grey’s Anatomy reruns (Team McSteamy FTW!)

Shay – Wellness BadAss

Shay is passionate about helping others live a happier, healthier, and lighter life – to help people walk their path with a little less of the heaviness of life. She’s a certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition but more than that, she is a connector, researcher, explorer, and a woman who is learning to love herself through nourishing and caring for her body, mind and spirit.

Since graduated from University, Shay has worked in research, has travelled the world and couch-surfed, stayed at a monastery, nannied in Barcelona, and learned to scuba dive, and spent a whole lot of time with her butt in a meditation cushion. The best thing she did – stop chasing happiness and start looking for it inside. Research has always been a passion, and she’s been able to use that passion to (sometimes obsessively) explore what practices and what foods and nutrients support us in being happy. The best part – she really wants to share what she’s learned with you!

Cassie – Fitness Queen Bee

Cassie grew up in the small town of Leeds Maine, where they make bomb maple syrup and there are likely more chickens than humans. Dancing her entire childhood led to her infatuation with the human body and her passion for movement, which ultimately inspired her to pursue a B.S. in Kinesiology and Public Health Sciences. While earning her degree, Cassie took a semester off to finally make her long-time dream of dancing down Main St. USA as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World at reality. This is still one of her proudest achievements purely because she did it for no other reason than knowing it would make her truly happy and fulfilled, even though the world often pressures us to validate our purpose and decisions beyond our feelings. After finishing school, she moved to Boston, where she realized her niche in writing efficient and effective fitness programming for busy, ambitious adults. While completely in love with her career, Cassie grew tired of waking up at 3:45am to shovel out her car in order to make 6am sessions and classes. So Cassie and her bff’s [dogs], Tucker and Jasper, made a mutual decision to escape the brutal New England winters and moved to San Diego, CA, where they currently reside. Looking for Cassie? You’ll either find her walking the pups or bumpin’ hip hop beats during a sweaty, sandy, outdoor workout sesh.


Zoe has always had a passion for adventure, learning and helping others. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences and a Graduate Certificate in Business. Her varied education has led her down an amazing and unique career path where she has worked in tourism, museums, and the health and fitness industry.

She is passionate about writing, nutrition, fitness, and nature, and aspires to explore the natural wonders throughout the world. When she’s not writing or creating, you can find her on an adventure with her dog exploring Southern Ontario, dancing around the kitchen while cooking, or curled up in a mermaid blanket with her cat.

Amy GravenorAbout Love Yourself Fit