Meet Lyf

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

If you’ve cruised our Facebook page or hit up our IG, you’ll know LYF is a leader in all things Women’s Health.

We aren’t your typical, off the street Trainers either. Our roster includes nutritionists, dietitians, naturopaths and more.

LYF isn’t the only part of our lives. We are also animal lovers, vino connoisseurs, smile junkies, and our clients truly become our girlfriends.

While we are pros in our individual fields, our goal is to educate while having a pile of fun along the way. You’ll notice our pages are scattered with memes, we joke around in our group mentoring sessions and finish our texts with cat emojis.

Programs don’t have to be stuffy to be legendary and we pride ourselves on quality mentorships that have saved thousands of women from a less than awesome life.

We recognize that not everyone will appreciate our open and friendly approach – and thats ok! We’re aren’t here to be anyone other than ourselves so sometimes we might go live post workout, bare faced because WE JUST HAD to share this cool workout or we might veer off on a tangent while we try to answer all your questions.

We are just real Hormone Focused Girls livin’ real life, who were once just like you. We’ve been where you are and know the challenges you face and have come out on the other side #balanced.

Amy GravenorAbout Love Yourself Fit