Meet Leila!


As the next chapter of LYF unfolds, Leila Hardy is a perfect fit to lead and inspire LYF members on their journeys. Leila’s genuine energy is a shining light for everyone out there who needs some support or motivation along the way. Leila is a very approachable personal trainer with an interesting story and a heart of gold to match. One of her main passions is providing necessary guidance and support to people in need and sharing the message of positivity and self-acceptance as we move towards a better place. Leila strongly believes that with the right support, knowledge and planning anything is possible!


Leila arrived in Canada with only her mother and younger sister from Kazakhstan in 2013 speaking only Russian with no understanding of English or North American culture. As you can imagine, her journey has been difficult and has required immense personal strength to survive and thrive in a foreign place while working slowly towards her goals. Leila was a former national team boxer in her country and continued to be very involved in sports in Canada, playing football, basketball, volleyball and rugby in high school before going on to play rugby in university. Leila has also trained and competed in the Olympic sport of skeleton and she has a love for mountains and being active outdoors. Leila lives her life in line with LYF’s values and vision by teaching self-love and acceptance to all her clients as a necessary foundation to personal growth.


Leila has studied fitness and nutrition at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and she loves sharing her knowledge with LYF members and empowering as many women as possible. Leila and her husband JC are the owners of Hardy Performance, a women’s only fitness center in beautiful Saint John N.B. on Canada’s east coast. Leila’s husband JC is a former professional athlete and National Champion in football with a university education in psychology and applied counselling in addition to studying personal training and Sports Performance at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As a former government licensed specialized care provider for high risk youth and psychologist with over 5 years of experience, JC offers LYF great insight on mental health, personal growth strategies and the building of self-confidence while working towards meaningful goals. This combined team of Leila and JC is sure to educate and inspire LYF as we move into this bold new chapter of strength, positivity and acceptance.


Leila is very passionate about LYF and has made a big impact on our community by providing quality support and well-designed nutritional and fitness programming. Love Yourself Fit is extremely lucky to have acquired the full-time commitment and leadership of Leila, who is becoming a very knowledgeable and sought-after trainer in the fitness industry and a strong symbol of inspiration for women.


“LYF gives me the ability to inspire so many great people and be in contact with strong women everywhere. I’m both humbled and honored to be in this special position and vow to keep challenging LYF women to LOVE themselves daily as we find our true power.” – Leila Hardy LYF –