What people are saying about Love Yourself Fit


“After just two weeks, I noticed increased energy, better sleep at night, and weight loss.”

 “I feel as though I have been on some kind of a diet or fitness plan most of my adult life and the more I think about it I have. I start out strong with all good intentions to make it work this time – not turning back – don’t want to go through this again only to fail.

I met Leila & JC a year ago now threw their fitness center and I liked them right off. Their welcoming smiles and energy were enough to make me want to return day after day. They take time with everyone to stop & discuss any health/physical issues that can improve their strength training/diet and all around health.

Since January I have also become a member of the “Love yourself Fit” meal plan – fitness program. I have lost more weight & inches this past three months than I have in many years of yo-yo dieting.

Leila does a great job in planning out meals that worked for me and if it is something that I don’t like she is there to change it up right away.

This plan really works!

To me it is the personal time that Leila & JC put into every aspect of your health – proper diet and exercise. They are truly a sincere couple with their whole heart and souls involve.

Yours truly

- Gail Fisher

“I can finally be healthy in mind, body and soul”

 “I had reached a point in my life where my physical health had deteriated dramatically . I have arthritic knees and I could only do stairs one at a time and I had reached my highest weight ever. I joined a gym close to my work and started using the elliptical machine. After a few months new owners Leila and JC Hardy came along. They offered fitness classes which were not only motivating but fun. Those fitness classes helped my mobility so much that I can do stairs and even squats . I most recently started LYF with Leila and following the meal plan as well as exercise allowed me to lose 11 pounds and 5 inches off my waist. ( In just 6 weeks). Leila has provided not only healthy but tasty meals. Because it is not a diet but a different way of eating ,I have not felt the need to go back to my old eating habits. I have learned that maintaining or losing weight is all about balance between food choices and exercise. Leila has been such a great support and has been able to provide menus that I love and food that I enjoy eating. The workouts are easy to follow and the online app is easy to update and keep track of my progress. I love the changes to my body and there are not enough words to express my gratitude to Leila and JC for helping me on my journey to wellness!” - Anne M.

“I never have to feel like I’m alone during my journey.”

Thanks to LYF I was able to lose over 20lbs! It was not long after I had my son and I needed help losing that stubborn baby weight. Not only did LYF help me lose the baby weight but they helped me lose more! I know quite a few people that have gotten LYF’s help and the results are amazing. I highly recommend LYF for your journey to a healthier you. – Dawn P.

“After just two weeks, I noticed increased energy, better sleep at night, and weight loss.”

The Balanced Bundle plan has made meal planning a breeze. I used to spend countless hours on Pinterest searching for new meals to make, and would often end up frustrated by the complicated ingredient list or directions. The Balanced Bundle meals are easy to make, full of flavour, and have the added bonus of a built in grocery list. Not only does the program include amazing meals, but also wellness and fitness plans. After just two weeks, I noticed increased energy, better sleep at night, and weight loss. My favourite part of the program is how easy it is to use! Second favourite? How many awesome new recipes I’ve tried, and that I am never left feeling hungry! – Megan C.

“LYF has taught me how to love myself again.”

So let’s just get to the point. I am a busy mom, trying to start a business, run a household, be a good wife. All that good stuff. The balanced Bundle has streamlined my well being. affordability is what caught my eye and the knowledgeable experts are what has kept me coming back. My questions are answered within hours and there is always an encouraging word to keep me going. The value and ease of this program is above so many other programs I have tried and has made my goals so much more attainable. Amy and her team have lifted me out of my mom rut and with their support and kindness I am a much happier person! – Ashley K.

“My life and the way I look at fitness has changed because of LYF”

LYF has made a huge change in my fitness level to date after only 6 months. I have better flexibility and strength overall. The nutritional coaching that they provide is tailored to my individual needs and never makes me feel deprived or hungry .  LYF is always fun even when we are working hard. I am so thankful that I made the decision to become part of the LYF group. – Linda S.