Val C

Amy Gravenor

LYF is amazing. I can’t believe how much they care about their clients, and how committed they are to helping people create space in their lives to become more. They have helped me give myself a gift – health and wellness, and not just fitness or a temporary fix.

I feel accomplished, capable, and uplifted but also (and even more importantly) supported, valued, and cared for.

LYF’s balanced approach focuses on mindset, realistic goals, timelines, and environments. Amy works hard and goes above and beyond to find out what will work long term, and starts where you are, in order to guarantee success over a lifetime.

LYF holds high, but attainable, expectations for each client. Amy’s jovial and sweet personality shines through, making her clients feel comfortable to share their stories, successes, struggles and vulnerabilities.

I’m a busy mom & full time teacher, and I’m in the best shape of my life: I attribute it to LYF’s commitment to helping me become #stronghappybeautiful.

Truly, they’re one in a million.

Amy GravenorVal C