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So what’s the plan, Stan?

LYF works exclusively with women who suffer from hormone or metabolic issues. If that’s not you, these plans aren’t the ones for you babe!
Our programs are designed to get you Hormone Focused to allow the rest of the puzzle to fall into place. We pride ourselves on taking women that are internally messy, to so damn on point it’s ridiculous!.
We gotta fill you in on a BIG secret about your body – Most (especially if you’re hormonally imbalanced) take time to make the BIG adjustments. This isn’t your standard “12 Weeks to a New You” program. We expect for you to engage in the process and really, truly be present and open. We’ve got a lot of resources and fun info to share with you and all of our clients partake in Learning. We truly TEACH you how the body works while filling in your unique quirks and gaps. So if you’re not interested in learning how your body works and why its a mess up in there, we are not your match.
If you (like most ladies) are reading this and feel like LYF was designed just for You, check out our offerings below!

  1. Hormone Rebalance Program: This program is the Meat and Potatoes of what we do and 99.9% of ladies will start here. Together we will get to the root cause of your symptoms and get you Hormone Focused.Learn more.
  2. Metabolic Reset Program: This program is butter on those taters. We move you into this program once you’ve achieve Hormone Utopia to focus solely on fat loss. Together we reset your Metabolism with a science based approach. Learn more.
  3. The Balanced Bundle: Perfect for the DIY Gal or an #LYFGirl that wants continued access to all our goodies. Learn more.

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