Ready to be a #balancedbabe? Welcome to LYF’s Premier Private Membership – The Balanced Bundle.

This isn’t your ordinary membership, this is an exclusive group mentoring option to collaborate with some of the Industry’s Leading Experts.

We know you need support, education and a solid plan – from someone who KNOWS the ins and outs of being a Woman.

We also know how vital accountability and communication are to see consistent progress. We created the ultimate platform for Balanced Health and added a ton of cool extras to hit every single need to ensure your success.

  • A Panel of Leading Experts for Women Seeking Balance
  • Live Access to stay accountable
  • A Weekly Plan that covers every angle and keeps you on track

The Balanced Bundle is ideal for women who:

  • Have No Idea How to Balance Healthy Living with A Demanding Lifestyle
  • Are looking for flexible structure in their plan and who want learn how to manage real life
  • Love connecting Live for workouts, mentoring, meal prep and more
  • Want to be a part of a group of women who have similar needs
  • Understand there is a strong Mind/Body Connection that needs to be developed

The Balanced Bundle is so unique and Chalk Full of Product and Resources that it speaks for itself.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to use food to nourish your belly AND your palette
  • Skills around nutrition, fitness and wellness used personally by Leading Experts
  • How to enjoy a balanced 80/20 program and lifestyle
  • How to Harness the power of Mindfulness, Wellness and Gratitude
  • Life Hacks to get around holidays, busy schedules and more
  • How to exercise smarter, not harder, for all body types and lifestyles


Just real food, real life and real balance.

How it Works:

First of all – Sign Up! You’ll get access to LYF University (our Private, Member’s Only Resource Space) Immediately and Access to our Mentor Platform within 24 hours.

Each Week members are sent Three Bundles covering Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. You’ll have everything you need to be successful for the week including schedules, how to’s, workouts, recipes and more and YOU chose what to use in the week.

There are NO Rules when it comes to your body – we teach you how to listen to what is telling you so you can renew your relationship with yourself. You might be someone who desperately needs a daily schedule or things just don’t get done or you might be someone that likes to eat and move your body differently every day. Either way we’ve stacked these bundles so you’ll be successful on your own terms.

Our Bundles are sent out every Saturday and are available at LYFU to check out if you join midweek.

  • Once you gain access to the platform you can begin your journey!
  • Join Live Events like workouts, tutorials, prep and more
  • Download bundles, recipes, workouts and more
  • Engage with other women or our experts
  • Check out all our extras like Education, Blue Prints and more


Have a question or need advice? Post to our live feed or join a mentoring video to chat live with a mentor!

Each Weekly Bundle Delivers:

A Nutrition Bundle – Developed by a Holistic Nutritionist and a Whole Food Chef

  • A whole food 6 day meal plan you’ll actually want to eat. We give you Sunday off to do your own thing
  • 18 Meals and 12 Snacks Weekly
  • A Balanced 80/20 Meal Schedule
  • A Grocery List to Make Shopping a breeze
  • Full Colour Recipes including photos of each and every meal and snack


A Fitness Bundle – Developed and Lead by a Multi Faceted Fitness Trainer and Kinesiology Degree Holder

  • A Complete 6 Day Fitness Plan that’s actually manageable
  • Fitness Schedule including optional 3-6 days of exercise
  • Designed for all fitness levels with modifications
  • Cardio and Strength Training
  • Stretching and Recovery
  • Expert lead at home programming – no gym membership required


A Wellness Bundle – Developed and Lead by a Meditation Leader

  • Wellness Plan that makes connecting with yourself a breeze
  • Practice Schedule to Master Intuitive Skills
  • Meditation, Mindfulness and Gratitude Exercises
  • Guided Programming and Action Steps to enable you to Practice daily


You’ll Also Get:

  • Access to LYF’s Experts – Nutritionists, Chefs, Wellness Leaders and More
  • Access to LYF’s Private Social Media Group – Post of the Day, Meet Ups and More/li>
  • Live Group Mentoring – Ask Us Anything, Case Studies, Advice, Direction and More
  • Live Workouts for All Fitness levels – Cardio, Weight training, HIIT, Yoga and More
  • Live Wellness – Meditation, Stress Reducing Exercises and More
  • Live Prep and Cooking/Baking Tutorials
  • Live Education
  • Daily Accountability, Goal Reaching and Topics


Plus Access to LYF University

  • DIY Skill Development and Tools
  • Workouts, Recipes, Tips and Tricks
  • Guides, Templates and Accountability Blueprints


I’m in LYF!


I’m in LYF!

Amy GravenorBalanced Bundle