So what’s the plan, Stan?

First of all – sign up for your Free Initial Consultation!

From there I will get in touch via your preferred mode of communication to set up our first session. During this initial session we will review your current health, family history, lifestyle, your goals and challenges. I will then evaluate and design your plan!

While each woman is different, I prefer a slow and steady approach to allow you time to truly absorb each skill and lesson. From there, I will assign homework and/or action steps with a completion date. Trust me, this won’t be out of control; it will all be based on your lifestyle. No boring assignments – just steps that are easy to implement and fun!

Every session I take notes and recap them to you via email or text message along with everything you need for the month including homework or any supporting documents. We will stay in touch at least once per week to ensure you don’t lose momentum and continue feeling supported optimally.

I am here for you, we will set appointments as we go and most importantly everything is tailored to fit you just right! There is nothing more that I want than to see you succeed on this journey to whole body health!

Sign Up for an Initial Consultation

I will be in touch by your preferred communication to set up our introductory session.

Introductory session – review current health, family history, lifestyle, your goals and challenges.

Sign Up and Pay for the Program that is right for you!

Evaluation of info covered in the intro session will allow me to design your first steps and tailor a program specifically for YOU.

Homework/action steps will be assigned (with completion dates). Don’t worry – these will be easy and fun!

You send me check-in emails weekly

I will recap your progress and send any supporting documents required (grocery lists, measurement and weigh-in forms, etc.) via email or text.

I am here for you! We stay in touch and set appointments as we go.